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Don’t Neglect Your Dental Health Over Cost

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Dental care is an important investment in your dental and medical health, as well as your self-worth. Dr. Kenneth Ackley and our team believe that you shouldn’t allow financial concerns to keep you from obtaining the care you need. We realize that everyone has different circumstances in terms of fulfilling their financial obligations, and we accept a variety of payment types and offer financing in Lansing, MI to ensure our treatments can be affordable for you. We even offer free second opinions for select services.

When you seek care here, our financial coordinator will work closely with you to determine a payment plan that fits within your budget. If financial concerns are stopping you from getting the dental care your smile needs and deserves, we invite you to contact our office now to learn about your payment options. We accept the following methods:

Our Payment and Financing Options

Cash, check, or credit card
In most instances, we allow patients to pay with cash, check, or credit card. We accept most major credit cards.
Dental Insurance
We accept Delta Dental insurance. Our insurance coordinator works directly with your insurance company to ensure you get the greatest coverage from your plan.
CareCredit is a type of healthcare credit card that can help make your dental treatment more affordable. It’s among the most popular third-party dental financing options available today because it can be used to pay for elective treatments and procedures not typically covered by dental insurance. When using a CareCredit card, you can qualify for short-term, interest-free payment plans for a specific number of months. When it comes to long-term plans and more costly treatments, CareCredit offers manageable fixed monthly payments and competitive interest rates. Most patients are approved the same day and can get started without any kind of activation fee, allowing you to receive the treatment you need right away without being hindered by the cost. Visit or ask a member of our staff for more information.
In-House Financing
In some cases, we may be able to arrange financing terms through our own office. Ask for details about our in-house financing option.

Worried about paying for care?

You have options. Let’s discuss them!