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Dental Implants Stabilize Your Smile

Are you missing out on life because of missing teeth or loose dentures? When you don’t have normal, comfortable tooth function and a full smile, it’s difficult to eat a healthy, satisfying diet and often embarrassing to interact with others. As you lose teeth, the underlying bone can begin to recede, ultimately giving you an unhealthy, aged appearance. Dr. Kenneth Ackley is here to help you regain a healthy and confident life with implant supported dentures in Lansing, MI. Traditional dentures require suction or unreliable adhesives for support. Implant supported dentures stay in your mouth with dental implants that are fixed in your jawbone by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or a periodontist. A highly skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ackley has developed an artist’s eye for smile aesthetics through experience and training from esteemed organizations include The Dawson Academy, Spear Education, Kois Center, and AADSM. He can restore the beauty to your smile and the happiness to your life with custom-fitted, natural-looking, secure dentures that won’t slip.

Compare Conventional Dentures and Implant Supported Dentures

Traditional Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures

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The Implant Supported Denture Treatment Process

Your dental implant surgeon will verify your eligibility for implants through an examination and imaging. Once they determine you can receive dental implants, whether immediately or following some preparatory treatments, they’ll take impressions of your teeth that will become the basis of your dentures. On a subsequent appointment, you’ll have dental implant posts surgically inserted in your jaw. Healing after this procedure can take three months or more, during which time you may wear a temporary denture. Our office will coordinate the next phase of your care with your dental implant surgeon.

After you’ve healed fully, you’ll come to see Dr. Ackley to have your final, customized dentures. Depending on your unique case, your denture will be secured to these implants with either a ball or bar attachment and can be removable for cleaning or permanently attached. If you’re already wearing dentures, Dr. Ackley may be able to repurpose them by securing them to your new implants. With your implant supported dentures firmly in place, you’ll be able to:

Are Implant Supported Dentures Expensive?

While implant supported dentures cost more than traditional dentures, you’ll find the added security and confidence they give you invaluable. Considering the many advantages they provide, these dentures may actually save you money over time. Traditional dentures require occasional relines and adjustments to stay secure. Beyond those costs, returning for new appliances means having to schedule and attend multiple appointments. Implant supported dentures can also last years longer than traditional dentures. If you need assistance paying for your new smile, we partner with multiple dental insurance companies as well as third-party financing companies to help make this lasting investment in your dental health and quality of life as affordable as possible. Your total cost will depend on several factors, including the specifics of your insurance coverage and other treatments that might be necessary alongside implant restoration. Be assured we’ll do everything possible to make this truly life-changing tooth replacement option an affordable reality for you!

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