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Second Opinion? Here They’re Free

Care You Can Count On

Deciding on a practice for your dental care isn’t always easy. It can be even more of a challenge if you need treatment that’s complex and/or expensive. No matter what kind of care you require, you should never settle for the cheapest dentist in town. It’s important to choose someone who’s highly experienced and trained. It’s equally important that you feel confident in the care you receive and the individual who provides them. Be sure you get top-quality care and true peace of mind with a free dental consultation in Lansing, MI.

Dr. Kenneth Ackley has been trained by all the best names in dental education, starting with the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and continuing with The Dawson Academy, Kois Center, Spear Education, and American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He and our team encourage you to take advantage of your free dental consultation so you can get an idea about the quality of care we provide. More than offering a complimentary visit, we’re able to showcase why you and your family should choose us over other practices you may have considered. Request your free second opinion for Invisalign®, dental implant restorations, and full mouth reconstructions—you have nothing to lose!

What a Second Opinion Visit Is Like

First and foremost, you can be assured that you’ll receive the best care, whatever the reason for your visit. Meeting you and gaining an understanding of your needs and concerns is our primary goal during that initial consultation. We want to know what you hope to achieve through treatment. If you do decide on us, you’ll have a high-end experience and stunning aesthetic results like nowhere else. Here’s what you can expect at one of our second opinion appointments:

Aligned teeth are healthy, comfortable, and attractive. However, some patients don’t find traditional metal braces very attractive as an orthodontic option. If you’re one of them, Dr. Ackley offers Invisalign clear braces, which straighten your teeth with transparent aligners instead of metal wires and brackets. He’ll be happy to discuss what this treatment involves, how long it lasts, and how much it costs during your free Invisalign consultation.
Dental Implant Restorations
Dental implants are the only permanent tooth replacement option available for patients with any number of missing teeth. Dental implants are actually sturdy posts that an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or periodontist inserts into your jaws to act as artificial tooth roots. The part of your teeth that you chew food with and that everyone sees when you smile—that’s Dr. Ackley’s area of expertise. He has a gift for dental aesthetics, so if you need just a few restorations, they’ll seamlessly match the existing natural crowns. If you’ve lost all of your teeth, he can make it look as if you never lost one. Dr. Ackley can walk you through the restoration process, timeline, and cost when you come for your free second opinion. Be sure to ask about our exclusive warranty on restorations!
Full Mouth Reconstructions
If you have a number of aesthetic and/or functional issues with your smile, you will probably benefit from full mouth reconstruction. This generally includes a series of treatments such as veneers, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, and occlusal adjustment, in addition to those mentioned above, performed in stages. The end result is a smile that’s radically changed for the better, with the aesthetics you want and the comfortable function you need. Dr. Ackley can assess which treatments you might require and explain them in detail during your visit. His team can also put together an estimate for the cost of your care.

Yes, you can still get a second opinion.

We’re proud to be one of the few practices offering them!