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You don’t have to live with a smile that makes you unhappy due to its appearance or functional limitations, no matter how “far gone” you might think it is. Dr. Kenneth Ackley provides full mouth reconstruction in Lansing, MI. With training from The Dawson Academy, where he learned how tooth misalignment can affect your greater dental health, as well as Kois Center, Spear Institute, and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, he has developed an eye for designing smiles for maximum beauty, health, function, and comfort. He can change your life—and your outlook—with a treatment plan customized to meet your aesthetic, functional, and financial goals. He even offers convenient ways to help you pay for your treatment. Receive a consultation from Dr. Ackley and find out what your unique and transformative treatment plan can do for your smile and your health!

Featured Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatments

Your customized full mouth reconstruction treatment plan will produce results that look natural and attractive through one or a series of the following:

Invisalign is the optimal choice for anyone who wants straight teeth but doesn’t want the look or maintenance concerns of traditional metal braces. This innovative solution uses sets of sturdy plastic aligners instead of metal wires and brackets to dependably and discreetly realign your teeth. You might see Invisalign as transparent braces with fantastic results.
Dental Implant Restorations
If you’ve lost many or all of your teeth or have no healthy ones left, dental implants are a natural-looking, long-lasting tooth replacement option. Dr. Ackley focuses his expertise on dental implant restorations—the above-the-gums portion of the tooth—after an implant surgeon places the implants in your jaw. Dr. Ackley uses only top-quality materials like zirconia on restorations and ensures every one matches and complements any surrounding teeth. Ask about our warranty on all restorations!
An economical option for reclaiming the form and function of missing teeth, dentures are a time-tested solution. Today’s dentures offer a more customized fit and natural look than those of years gone by. We can provide full or partial dentures, depending on the state of your smile.
Occlusal Adjustment
If your top and bottom teeth are out of alignment, you may suffer from persistent jaw pain, headaches, speech difficulties, and other problems. Further, misalignment can cause your teeth to wear down and become cracked. Dr. Ackley may be able to realign your smile simply by removing a small portion of enamel from the top of specific teeth to enable them to close together.
Dental Crowns and Bridges
When your tooth roots are strong but a natural crown has become weakened or broken due to decay or trauma, Dr. Ackley can reinforce and beautify those teeth by fitting you with artificial dental crowns or bridges. Dental crowns and bridges can be used to restore one or several consecutive missing teeth, giving you back the appearance and function of a full set of teeth. Dr. Ackley uses only top-quality materials and offers a warranty on all restorations!
Porcelain Veneers
Do you see unsightly stains, small cracks, gaps, or other cosmetic imperfections in your front teeth? Dr. Ackley offers porcelain veneers, which are thin membranes of material designed to conceal nearly any “smile zone” or front teeth flaws you may have. Porcelain has the sturdiness and shine of natural tooth enamel, which makes it the ideal material for veneers.
Teeth Whitening
When your smile becomes discolored, yellowed, or uneven in shade, you may want to consider professional-grade teeth whitening. While you have many whitening choices at your local pharmacy or grocery store, you’ll find the level of treatment Dr. Ackley offers has greater whitening power and longer-lasting results.

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